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Bad Boys, Bad Boys. Watcha Gonna Do When They Waddle For You?

What happens when overweight police officers eat more protein while trying to lose fat? And does the type of protein matter? Hint: It does.

Why are there so many overweight cops? Heck, my job is sedentary and almost never involves chasing down bad guys, and I still want to be as capable as possible just in case the figurative feces hits the fan. Is it the stress? The donuts? The stress-eating of donuts?

Anyway, the study below used overweight, untrained police officers, which should not be a thing. But it does teach us a lot about diets, protein, and resistance training. Let’s investigate.

The Study

Researchers gathered up a bunch of husky cops and divided them into groups for this 12-week study:

  • Group 1: Diet Only – These LEOs reduced caloric intake by 20% below maintenance, didn’t train, and didn’t use protein powder.

  • Group 2: Diet + Whey Protein – These officers also adopted a 20% caloric deficit but lifted weights four times per week and supplemented with 75 grams of whey (two shakes per day).

  • Group 3: Diet + Casein Protein – Same as the whey group, but they used casein hydrolysate.

The Results

Here’s what happened:

  • The diet-only group lost 5 pounds of fat on average but also lost about a pound of muscle. (Don’t diet without weight training, kids.)

  • The whey group lost 9 pounds of fat and gained about 4 pounds of muscle.

  • The casein group lost 15 pounds of fat and gained 9 pounds of muscle.

Yes, those are impressive gains. The researchers guessed that the two trained groups may have been gaining back previously built muscle (“muscle memory”). Still, pretty cool.

What Does This Teach Us?

It teaches us that the po-po needs to eat less, lift weights, and drink protein shakes. But let’s take a deeper look.

Micellar Casein Takes It Up a Notch

While whey protein is good stuff, multiple studies show that casein is superior for lifters. For example, both types increase protein synthesis, but casein also inhibits protein breakdown. And that’s just referring to generic casein.

So, casein is superior to whey, but micellar casein is superior to generic casein. It’s better for sustaining protein synthesis, building muscle, and stimulating metabolism. It’s also filling, making dieting much easier, and ridiculously anticatabolic.

The ideal protein supplement contains a blend of whey and micellar casein, so you get it all. Oh, and hey, we make it! You knew that was coming, right? MD Protein (on Amazon) contains the perfect blend and happens to taste like a Dairy Queen milkshake. Our buy 3 get 1 free deal will keep you supplied for months.



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