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More Muscle, Less Fat

Increase testosterone safely, boost fat burning without stimulants, and increase protein synthesis. Here’s how.

Lazy people want a pill that allows them to enjoy the benefits of diet and exercise without having to do any of it. Well, we’re not there yet, but there is a substance that comes closer to that goal than practically anything else, and it’s derived from the herb, coleus forskohlii.

The active ingredient is called forskolin and it can do a variety of things for the body that you normally can’t get without dieting and exercising. It does this primarily by stimulating the production of an enzyme named adenylate cyclase, which in turn increases levels of a cellular messenger called cyclic AMP, or cAMP for short.

In turn, elevated levels of cAMP have the following physiological effects:

Now if you were to take one of those lazy people I mentioned, put them on forskolin for a few weeks, and then give them a physical, they would show improvement on several medical parameters just by taking a couple of capsules a day.

But imagine what could happen if somebody combined exercise with forskolin. You might really have something, then.

Lots of Studies

The effects above aren’t conjecture. Many have been tested and validated through various studies:

  • Male subjects in a 12-week trial experienced a 16 +/-33% increase in total testosterone. The placebo group saw a decrease.
  • Female subjects in an 8-week study lost an average of 9 pounds while experiencing gains in lean body mass (without weight training).
  • The total body weight of a mixed group of men and women in a 12-week study decreased from 165 pounds to 162 pounds while experiencing increases in lean body mass (without weight training).
  • The forskolin users in a mixed-sex group of 50 test subjects experienced almost a 2 percent increase in lean body mass and a decrease in body fat from 36 to 34 percent. The placebo group showed an increase in body fat and some muscle loss.

Forskolin Leaves vs. Forskolin 1,9 Carbonate

Even though forskolin’s been around for several years, most companies producing it don’t bother to isolate and purify the main ingredient – forskolin.

They just collect the dried leaves of the coleus forskohlii plant, grind them up, and put them in capsules. As lame as that approach is, it sometimes works in certain situations, like maybe they luck out and find a crop particularly rich in forskolin. It’s hit or miss.

The right way to manufacture a potent forskolin product is to isolate the active ingredient, then purify it and esterify it (bind it with a carbonate ester). The end product, forskolin 1,9 carbonate, is much more bioavailable, and its efficacy in the body extends from 4 hours to about 12 hours.

That’s exactly what Biotest did when producing Carbolin 19.

Do I Need to Cycle Carbolin 19?

No. Many supplements and drugs initiate a biochemical reaction by binding to receptors – chemical groups of molecules that receive signals from other chemicals or other stimuli to initiate a chemical reaction.

The trouble is, these receptors eventually get desensitized to the original signal. After a while, you need a stronger and stronger dose to initiate the same response until, ultimately, no dose is large enough to get the chemical ball rolling. This is what docs and scientists mean when they say someone is “insulin resistant.”

However, at least as far as fat burning goes, forskolin is what’s known as a “post-receptor” agent – it bypasses the beta-receptor and directly stimulates the aforementioned adenylate cyclase.

That means that the fat-burning effects of Carbolin 19 (purified and esterified forskolin), along with some of its other beneficial effects, continue unabated. All you need to do is take two softgels twice per day.

Will Carbolin 19 Work for Women, Too?

Women, unfettered by testicles, obviously won’t benefit from the testosterone-enhancing capabilities of forskolin or Carbolin 19, but they’ll still enjoy all the other benefits, like improved thyroid function, increased release of free fatty acids, and increased activation of BAT (brown adipose tissue). And weirdly, forskolin even helps prevent the reoccurrence of painful UTIs.




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